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Steve Plater And John Reynolds

Posted by on Jan 4, 2015

Steve Plater And John Reynolds

Yesterday afternoon – Saturday, January 3 – TV presenter Steve Plater sat down with three times British Superbike champion John Reynolds to talk about the latter’s life and racing career. Here are some of the highlights in quotes from the 40 minute interview…

JR: “Riding the Ducati on my return to the BSB championship was fantastic. When we got it right, what a bike that was!”

JR: “Winning the World Superbike race at Brands Hatch was certainly one of my career highlights, perhaps the best of the lot.”

JR: “I only made one mistake in that WSB race weekend… slipping on Champagne up on the podium and falling on my backside!”

JR: “2001 was a superb year. When Steve Hislop got it right, he was one of the best in the world. It was a great battle. Winning the championship by default wasn’t an easy experience. When I saw Steve in hospital he told me to go and win the last two rounds.”

JR: “When I first rode the GSXR I really struggled. It’s all about developing over time and finding what works for you, the rider.”

JR: “I wanted to win races for the team and everyone who worked hard on the bike.”

JR: “My current role with Suzuki involves a lot of test riding but I also work in PR and branding. Teams have to be successful commercially to be successful on the track.”

JR: “I do a lot of mountain biking these days, it keeps me occupied and entertained.”

JR: “I have a few favourite achievements – the title wins and the WSB win at Brands Hatch come straight to mind. I had a race in 2003 that I lost to Shakey when we overtook each other on nearly every corner of the last lap. It stands out as being my most memorable race.”

JR: “I wish I’d kept the Velocette I first started on. I never thought about putting it in my contract to keep the bikes!”

JR: “I’ve done a few parade laps at various events… they’re very competitive! Once a racer, always a racer.”

John was talking to Steve Plater as part of his role as the guest of honour at the January 3-4 Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic at Newark Showground. You can read more about his career in our In The Spotlight profile.