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Honda 125cc Clubman’s Racer

Posted by on Oct 19, 2014

Honda 125cc Clubman’s Racer

This little Honda really is something special. This machine is based primarily on a 1970 Honda SS125. As it transpires, the only true SS125 components that remain on this machine are the crankcases, but that makes it no less exceptional.

The bike features a genuine NOS CR93 chassis as well as CR93 hubs, rims and a swinging-arm, all of which were sourced from Japan. The intention with this little monster was not to build a “race replica” as such, but more a specifically tailored race bike that fits its owner like a glove. The engine was rebuilt with Honda’s CB125K3 crankshaft playing an integral role alongside the cylinder head, pistons and five-speed gearbox from that same engine.

This punchy little four-stroke twin can kick out more power than the standard CB125K3 engine can due to its intelligent design.